Top Tips For Planning A First Date

Eventually, you hit the point of the dating process were meeting in person becomes the most logical next step. Many people know the basics of how to put together a first date, including things like dating locations that are in public places. By going to public places on dates, you are not putting yourself alone with someone you do not know. There are many stereotypical dates that people enjoy, like going out for food, going to movies, and going on any number of adventures. Getting to that first date is a process, so follow these top dating tips to maximize success.

When To Ask For The First Date

Asking for a first date should generally happen sooner rather than later. Asking for a date on the first conversation you have with someone online is likely to be too fast, but by the second or third message, if you’re interested in the other person, you can drop the question. If you take too long before asking a person out on the first date, they may feel that you are not serious about going on a date and not respond to your messages as often in response. 

While some people delay asking a person out on a first date so they can continue to get to know them more online first, it is not recommended. Going out on a date with someone in person gives you so much more information about connection and chemistry than messaging back and forth for a long period of time can.

What About The Phone?

Phone conversations can be a fantastic step in between meeting people online and going on a first date in person. Pay attention, however, to the amount of time you are calling and make sure to chat with them about their phone style, so you are aware. Calling people repetitively, and every day, early in the dating process can make you come off as particularly needy or obsessive. Limit your phone conversation time, particularly earlier in the dating process.

First Date Length

First dates should be short. Committing to things that take a long period of time to do can make a person feel pressured to stay on the date if it is not working out. Even if the date is going well, two people who do not know each other well enough sometimes find it harder to keep up with three or four hours of a date. Most first dates should be planned for a maximum of an hour and a half. Many people prefer

dates that are half an hour to 45 minutes long.

First Date Locations

A quick discussion about hobbies and interests, particularly on what people like to do when they go out, can be a great way to start planning for a first date location. If you share multiple interests with another person, finding a place to go can be easier to do. Think of things that you like to do that are not only common things but also some of the more niche hobbies and interests that you have. Keep the date in a public place; you still do not know the person you’re going out on a date with, and safety is a priority.

Online dating has become more popular over the last decade, and many people are meeting their loved ones online each day. When it is time to go on a first date, use these tips and maximize your dating success.

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