Signs Of Online Cheating

The thought that people can cheat online is a tricky topic, with some people saying that chatting and connecting with new people romantically is different than connecting with them physically or in other ways. The Internet has increased the number of complications with dating but is also integral in people finding the best match for people. Technology designed to keep us more connected has continued to improve year after year, and Internet dating is one of the top places for people to meet their ideal mate. It is not all fun and games for everyone, however.

Virtual affairs, also called online cheating, can include things like exchanges of racy emails and photos, sexts, flirtation on social media networks, and sometimes meeting other people for dates and fun. Each couple out there should discuss what they believe is cheating and what they believe is not, so expectations are clear. There is no doubt that technology, including the Internet, gives people easy access to not only immediate gratification but also willing partners to share that gratification with. Even though there is most often no sex involved, and most people might not even meet the person they are cheating with, it can still be cheating.

Signs Of Online Cheating

In many cases, people convince themselves that they are not cheating, using the knowledge that it is online, and they are not intending to meet anyone in person as a way to justify it. There are many signs of online cheating that you should be aware of. People do have online affairs, so having this knowledge can be helpful in determining whether or not a partner could be cheating on you.

First off, people who have password-protected devices, who did not before, could have the goal of preventing you from seeing something they don’t want you to see. People who are secretive when they are online, and quickly switching webpages or closing emails when you approach, could be having a virtual affair. These types of things do not always mean something is wrong, but when combined with other things on this list, it could arouse suspicion. A partner could also be watching porn and not wanting you to see that they are watching certain types of BDSM porn, so there are multiple things that could be happening.

Another sign that someone could be cheating is that they have secret social media accounts. If you come across a second Facebook or twitter account that you are not aware of, your partner could be hiding something from you. If you come across these accounts, you can casually learn how your spouse knows the people they are friends with on this account or ask them about it tactfully.

The Internet has become a place where people have an increased interest in responding to messages and posts quickly. If your partner has suddenly become obsessed with responding to online contacts, when they were not before, there could be something odd going on. This is another sign that needs to be matched up with other signs, as there could be many reasons for a person’s more sudden interest in being better at responding to online contacts.

Cell phone bills and browser histories can also be something that gives hints as to whether or not a partner is cheating on you. In addition, general weird behavior and signs that they are living a double life are also important to consider.

What To Do About Online Cheating

If you suspect online cheating, it is essential to keep lines of communication open. Secrets about who you are talking to and what you are doing are not good things for spouses to have unless they have been talked about and set in advance. Having boundaries set for yourselves, as well as you and your spouse, are essential to any relationship. By communicating openly and honestly, you can figure out if your relationship is salvageable, if boundaries need to be changed, or what the next steps are for moving into the future.


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