Texting Do’s And Don’ts For Dating Success

Texting is a major part of life and relationships for many people. When you are dating or seeking out new relationships, however, your approach may be quite different from the people you are interested in. Some people text nonstop and are not interested in voice calls. Others use tons of emoji’s and abbreviate words often. There are people who have a large focus on being grammatically accurate, and there are some people who do not like to text at all. If a person has different approaches to texting than you do, or you are not sure yet what your date's style is, there are many things you can do to have a smooth process. Also, there are some things that people should do overall, and others that they shouldn’t.

Having a conversation with your dating partner is a good way to learn about their style and what their preferences are. Once you are aware of how they communicate via text, you are ready to take advantage of this communication form.

Texting Do’s

One of the things that is popular to do via text message is to send text messages just because. You can let the person you are dating know that you had a great time talking with them or going out on a date, and you could also just send a message telling them that you like them. These positive messages are a great way to express your feelings and brighten their day. Even though it is a simple thing that takes very little time, it lets the other person know that they are important enough for your time and thoughts.

You can also refer to previous conversations via text, things that you discussed when you were together. If you find yourself thinking about the other person because of the conversations that you have had, sending a note can be a fantastic way to let the other person know that the conversation you had was not only memorable but also meaningful.

Many people use text messaging to make plans as well. It is a fantastic way to connect on your own time, and this flexibility can be well utilized. Texts also give you communication that you can look back to at a later point if you forget the location or time of your plans.

Thank you texts are also quite popular and for a good reason. Showing appreciation for another person’s time is a great way to connect. 

Texting Don’ts

There are a few things to avoid when texting someone you are going out on a date with or are dating. Avoiding asking too many questions, particularly early on in the dating process. Dating is not an interview, and repetitive questions can be uncomfortable for some people. If you let the dialogue move along naturally, the flow will be better.

Keep in mind that texts are most effective when they are shorter. If the messages are too long to read, they will seem extremely involved and as if they are going to take a very long time to read and respond to. Save the longer conversations for in-person meetings or break up what you are sending into shorter texts that have back-and-forth conversations between them.

Having a focus on sending positive texts can also have a great impact on a relationship. Too many negative text messages can make you seem like a downer, particularly early on. It is also important to not have unrealistic expectations about when a person will respond to you. Texts are shorter, and people often respond when it is convenient for them.

Lastly, do not read too much into text messages. Analyzing text messages can be difficult to do because it is harder to understand and translate the tone of a text. This not only includes the text itself, but also any emoji’s that are used.


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